Schema Markup & Structured Data Services

Make your website one that search engines and machines love.

Structured data is essentially a way to annotate your website’s content so that search engines and machines can understand it better. This helps search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to index your content more appropriately and create more accurate search results. For you, it means that your website appears in more relevant search queries and in the end you get more targeted website traffic.

Another advantage to structured data markup is that it can possibly generate rich snippets in search results. Rich snippets are the golden egg of search engine results because they attract more attention in search results and have shown to improve click-through-rates, traffic and conversions.

Schema ( if we want to get technical) is the most popular structured data vocabulary used to mark up website content. Schema markup isn’t difficult to understand and implement once you get the hang of it but it can get a little tricky trying to figure out which schema types and properties to use and how to structure it all. And that’s where we can help.

We have helped literally hundreds of companies with their schema markup, from small local businesses to multi-billion dollar international brands, working with all types of website platforms and content management systems. Our owner, David Deering, has developed a reputation as being one of the leading experts in the country on structured data and schema markup. So if you’re looking for a company that knows its schema markup, we’re it.

Commonly Asked Schema & Rich Snippet Questions

Do you guarantee that we will get rich snippets in Google if we hire you to mark up our website?

The honest simple answer is no. No one–and we mean NO one–can guarantee you that you will get rich snippets in Google. Here’s why.

Ultimately, Google’s algorithm determines which web pages get rich snippets and it uses a number of various quality signals to determine if, when, and which rich snippets to display in search results. So even if your schema markup is perfect, your webpages may not get rich snippets because they may not be sending enough strong quality signals to Google. Or some of your competitors may be getting rich snippets and Google can’t/doesn’t show everybody’s rich snippets in search results. And sometimes the query itself may not be one that generates rich snippets.

But with that said, we do guarantee two things to you:

  • That the markups will be correct and without any technical errors.
  • That the markups will meet Google’s guidelines for rich snippets.
Will schema markup help me rank higher in Google?

No. But yes, possibly. Let us explain.

Adding schema markup to your website will not in itself help your website or web pages rank higher in Google. BUT in our experience, we have seen schema markup help a website rank higher and even begin ranking for additional search terms. The key is to make sure that the markup is correct, thorough and complete. And that we will do.

Ready to Get Marked Up?

There’s a lot more to know about structured data & schema markup. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert–you have one available right here. So if you have any questions or would like us to give you a quote to mark up your website, please send us your information below and we’ll get back in touch to discuss it.